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Comparing Surveillance Choices

I love the way things have gone - in a high tech way for digital photography.  I have used a Digital Canon EOS with great success as far as long range surveillance photos.  I decided to compare still photos from the Canon and a JVC Everio to see this difference.

Canon EOS 80-300mm Zoom - full zoom

JVC Everio 40X zoom -at 40x

Both shots were taken free hand (no tripod or other assistance).  As you can see, both shots are relatively clear.  I must note that I am glad the JVC has image stabilization, as I was shaking quite a bit at full zoom.  I do not have a very steady hand.

The shortcoming for the JVC is that the battery fife while in use is a little over 2 hours.  Whereas on standby, the Canon is much longer.  However, neither will stay on, all by themselves with no activity for a long time.  The advantage to the Canon, is the extra weight makes it a bit easier to hold steady (this can be compensated with  a camera stabilizer on the JVC is need be).  When I know I will be taking far off shots - I will likely be prepared with a tripod or other stabilization tool.

The JVC fits in the palm of my hand, is lighter - so it will pretty much replace the Canon - as least as of now.  It will be in my "always carry around" arsenal of equipment while I am working.   The still shots have great quality, and the zoom capability is excellent.  I like the built in lens cover too.  I have not tried the low lux feature yet.  A review of that will be coming up shortly.

If you are just starting in the business, I would highly recommend getting the JVC Everio with low lux capability before getting a nice digital SLR.  The size, capability, and price difference is well worth it.

What ever you do - stay safe!