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GPS Tracking - the Pros and Cons

Whenever you are considering using GPS tracking, make sure you understand the local laws. The Supreme Court has ruled that law enforcement needs a warrant to use a GPS tracking device.  While this does not directly

Texas law is clear under penal code chapter 16 that it is illegal to install a tracking device on a car without the owner's permission.  This also applies to private investigators who need written consent of the owner to install the device.

So, in a nutshell, you (or someone you hire) can put a tracker on your own car - but not on anyone else's car.

Pros: It makes it very easy to locate a vehicle 24/7.  Some devices have monthly service charges that can quickly add up to big bucks.

Cons:  Don't become one by breaking the law.  In a more practical sense if you are being legal - you need to be aware of battery life and placement of the device.  It has to be able to access satellites to be effective. Simply sticking it on the bottom of the vehicle with a magnet may not work.  You need to test out the device in various vehicle locations beforehand.  Every tracker is different - make sure you have an idea of what the battery life is likely to be on each setting.

Remember that whatever you do - stay safe!

Just for Fun - What PI's Do

These seem to be popular all over the place right now.  I just thought I would share one of my own.

When Hiring a PI - What Do You Expect?

One of the things that customers seldom understand is that PI's cannot do everything they want. OK, maybe they CAN do it, but they shouldn't do it. If you are considering hiring a private investigator, ask yourself "What do I want out of this".

You need to know what you expect. A good private detective will explain to potential clients what they can and cannot do in a case. The largest complaints against PIs are not about doing inappropriate things, but about not fulfilling expectations.

 The accomplished PI will ask enough questions to know what the client wants and expects, and then explain what the PI can and cannot do. Most people are reasonable. Even emotionally charged clients who have been cheated. If the private investigator takes the time to ask enough questions, and then explain what they can legally do, the clients usually understand what can be accomplished. Often clients expect to get graphic photos or videos of a cheating spouse. Unless the cheating is going on in a parking garage, that is very unlikely.

What can be documented is arrival at the same place and time possible on multiple occasions of two people who have no other reason to be together other than an illicit affair. Most cases like this are circumstantial. Rarely is there photo or video evidence of the dirty act. However, when the cheater is presented with evidence, they often cop to the cheating. I hope this helps -

 Whatever you do, Stay Safe!