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The Ultimate Guide for Legal Recordings for Private Investigators

When can you make a recording?  When can you use it?  I won't get into all of the legal aspects of when you can use it right now.  However, I am glad when someone else has done all of my homework, and I don't have to "reinvent the wheel" when it comes to knowing what you can and cannot do when recording.

Normally, I stick to stuff about Texas, because that is what I am familiar with when it comes to Investigations.  However, I believe I have found the best source to know when you can and cannot record (barring court order, etc) anyplace in the US.

So I will call this the ultimate guide for legal recordings for private investigators.  OK, I admit I stole this from the reporters, but you don't have to tell them!

Here is the guide in a nutshell:

Below is the place to go to get the down low.  Also where to get the download.  I suggest you do so and save it to your computer for future reference.  That is what I did.

The Reporter's Recording Guide.

Stay Safe!