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The Story of True Hitmen

When I came across this story of true hitman, I read it very closely.  It had times and places I have been before, so it makes me really wonder if I ever came across this guy.  I do not remember having interactions with him, but there are a lot of things we had in common.

I worked in Iraq in 2005-2007 for DynCorp.  Apparently, Joseph Hunter had worked in Iraq for DynCorp (in a different capacity), then went to work for Triple Canopy.

Joseph Hunter allegedly ran a hitman operation that spanned the globe.  The case he got taken down for was around a murder for hire of a DEA agent and informant in Liberia.  I worked in Liberia for a while in 2008-2010.  It is just interesting how close, yet far I was from said people.

You can see the full story here.

Scams Scams Everywhere

Nothing to see here - Right?

With the Holiday season upon us, and with all the "offers" that are legit out there, don't besurprised to see a scam show up in your in box.

This one was so obvious, I just had to share.  I mean, why would I get an email from T-Mobile telling me to save with Sprint?

Seriously though, don't let your guard down.  Don't be lazy about what you check out.

Stay safe

Apple's Smart Marketing Statement that Means Nothing

Well, Apple is really good at marketing. Much better at marketing than any of there actual "innovations" or technology.  Even when they are behind technologically, they manage to convince an extremely large amount of people that their products and system is "superior" to their competitors.  Sometimes they are even so good at this, they convince even their competitors.

What am I talking about this time?  Well, Apple's protection of privacy for their customers. Here is what Apple claims:

“Unlike our competitors, Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data,” the company wrote in the new privacy policy. “So it’s not technically feasible for us to respond to government warrants for the extraction of this data from devices in their possession running iOS 8.”

First of all, they imply some things that are not necessarily true.  If it were - if you ever forgot your password, Apple could not assist you restoring/resetting it.  They also imply that there is no way one could go through Apple (like the government) to gain access to your data (which also isn't true).

This all goes along with things like "Apple doesn't get viruses" or "Apple can't get hacked" which have both been proven wrong over the years, but folks still believe this.

If you ever plug your Apple into a computer (doesn't matter what kind) or use the cloud (of course Apple calls it iCloud) you are likely to be less secure than the users of the "other products" - even from the government.

I am not a computer geek, but all the ones I know confirmed this.

The Ultimate Guide for Legal Recordings for Private Investigators

When can you make a recording?  When can you use it?  I won't get into all of the legal aspects of when you can use it right now.  However, I am glad when someone else has done all of my homework, and I don't have to "reinvent the wheel" when it comes to knowing what you can and cannot do when recording.

Normally, I stick to stuff about Texas, because that is what I am familiar with when it comes to Investigations.  However, I believe I have found the best source to know when you can and cannot record (barring court order, etc) anyplace in the US.

So I will call this the ultimate guide for legal recordings for private investigators.  OK, I admit I stole this from the reporters, but you don't have to tell them!

Here is the guide in a nutshell:

Below is the place to go to get the down low.  Also where to get the download.  I suggest you do so and save it to your computer for future reference.  That is what I did.

The Reporter's Recording Guide.

Stay Safe!

Clear Your Facebook Searches

You may want to clear your activity log from time to time on Facebook.  One of my favorite sites, called Facecrooks, tells you everything you need to know to do this.

Knowing this information is good to know whenever you want to find out these things, or you want to cover your tracks.

Here are the four easy steps:
1. Navigate to your Timeline and click on your ‘Activity Log.’
2. Look for the ‘More’ link in the left column and click it:
3. Scroll down in this column and click on the ‘Search’ link.
4. Lastly, click on the ‘Clear Searches’ button.

Go to the article here to see the whole thing in pictures.

Stay Safe!

The One Ring Scam - It Is Alive and Well in Texas

So, what is a one ring scam you ask?  Simple.  A company sets up a a toll charge site, often based in another country.  They set up computers to robo-dial phones (particularly targeting cell phones with regular phone bills).  As soon as the phone registers a ring, the dialer hangs up.

What happens next:  Curiosity gets to a lot of people so they call back the "missed call."  Since it is a toll charge site, you are automatically charged a fee - usually $19.95  (I am not sure why that amount) and of course, if it is international, you are also charged for whatever time you stay on the phone with international charges.  Some international charges are not cheap either.

Simply calling the number back could cost you $30.  How do you avoid it?  Never call back a missed call, unless you know who/where it is from.  Guess what?  I just saved you $30.  And to think I did it for free.

Here is a news story on the calls:

Stay Safe!