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Time - Stamping Videos - One More Way

I forgot that I had one piece of equipment that I can "time stamp" videos with.  I had bought this over a year ago.  I normally do not use it, because to me, it is just too time consuming.  However, it is the cheapest way out there to make time-stamped videos from HD camcorders.  You just play the video in the Camcorder displaying the date and time when this device is connected between the camcorder and a computer.

You can record the file in an avi file that will have the time and date stamp.  This is OK for short recordings, for longer ones it still works, but it only works in real time.  So however long the recording is, that is how long it takes (plus set-up time) for you to make the recording.

Here is one such device from Amazon:

It is called Easycap.

I hope this works out for you as it has for me.  And

Stay Safe!

Investigating Theives

Recently I was doing some random checks to see if anyone has been re-posting my information.  I do this from time to time to  thank other blogs for making reference to my articles.

The problem is, I found out that someone was out right stealing from me.  I found that the blog found at had plagiarized an entire post of my blog and gave me absolutely no credit.  The owner of that blog, according to the whois database, David Rietman, is a thief for stealing my material.  I wonder if he will copy this entire post verbatim as well with not citation.

David, you have no listed way of contacting you besides a phone number - I may be calling you shortly.

Please correct the issue(s) with the post.