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My "Adventure" with Covid19 - Part 2

TThis is how it all started for me. On February 11 or 12th, I am not real sure was when I started to get extremely sick. This was right after the "big freeze" of 2021. I had been working before all the time, and I thought I had been exposed in all my public dealings with Covid19, so I figured I had some immunity. Boy was I wrong.

After a few days of being quite sick, my wife insisted that I go to the hospital. On February 15, I went to the UTMB in Angleton, apparently, they either were not taking new Covid19 patients, or their allotment of Covid19 beds was full. I was transferred to UTMB Clear Lake right away.

The first few days are pretty fuzzy in my mind, as I was really out of it mentally speaking. I believe of the first or 2nd day I was there in the hospital, I got up and took all of the things I was connected to equipment off. I wandered around my hospital room dazed and confused. This was the beginning of a new journey for me. I was so sick, that I had no idea exactly how sick I really was. At the time, I could not think clearly at all. I could not remember what I had done that day, or conversations that I had already had.>p? This was just the beginning of a long and hard recovery, and I really had no idea want awaited me in this process.

More to come later. Stay safe!

Covid19 Has Been a Challenge

I have experiencedquite a time withCovid19.Idecided to chronicle my experience with this pesky disease. Just to give you a tease of what is to come, I have been to the hospital 3 times.I have 28 days in the hospital, allCovid related. This has been quite an experience. Many changes have taken place for me and in my life. It will still be some time before I get back to "normal." I won't be able to work in the classic sense for at least a few more weeks. for the next several days I will chronical these events in this blog. I am hoping it will be a bit therapudic for me as well. All the best until next post.