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I would like to make it a point that I struggled with the decision to go into business as a private investigator.  In reality, the "easy money" is in being a police advisor.  It really is not easy as it usually involves going to God-forsaken, or at least somewhat God-ignored parts of the world in war zones or recent post war zones and the physical risk is pretty high.  Yet, it has great pay.  Once you go to work, you basically have a great paying job for a year or more.

When I let some old friends know that I decided to start my own business as a PI , I got a lot of really good support.  Does this emotional support = $?  No, it doesn't.  This is the first time that I have gone into business where I both liked what I was doing and I already know a lot about what I need to do.  My police background and investigations background gives me a real edge.

Stay tuned here for some real stories, and some tips on investigations.  Whatever you do - Stay Safe!

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