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No Excuse for Shoddy Investigation!

 Photo: Melissa Phillip / © 2011 Houston Chronicle
Whenever you have a criminal case - one of the most basic things is to check the criminal history of the defendant.  Often this information cannot be used against the defendant during the trial.  However, it always can be used for the defendant in the trial.

This basic step of investigation really stands out in the case of LaDondrell Montgomery.  He was wrongfully convicted of robbery.  How do I know he was wrongfully convicted?  He was in jail at the time!

It seems more and more I come across cases with shoddy investigative work.  Why the basics are over looked in felonies baffles me.  Sure, in our age of surveillance cameras and instant information, there are a lot of things that  make our job easier.  However, you cannot get away from the basics in a good investigation.  If you do, it may just bite you in the butt.

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