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The B-I sitch that Did Not Want to be Served

A few days back I had papers to serve on a woman that I knew was ducking service.  At night, I could see the lights on in her apartment and even see movement inside.  She would not answer the door.

So I tried several times of day to catch her.  I had figured out what car was hers so I sat out from zero-dark thirty to wait for her to go to work or whatever.  After a couple of hours, I see a woman that fit the description given to me walking to the car.

I call her by name tell her who I am and try to hand her papers.  She has that "deer in the headlights" look and tried to ignore me as she gets into her car. (she has two toe-headed kids in tow).  After she opens the driver's door, she gets in and I drop the papers in her lap.  BOOM!  She has been served.

I guess she thought she could "unserve" herself.  She opens the door and throws the papers on the ground.

I informed her it did not matter what she did with the papers, as she had been served.

She then drove off...

I guess she tears up traffic tickets expecting them to go away too.

- Be Safe!

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