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The Story of True Hitmen

When I came across this story of true hitman, I read it very closely.  It had times and places I have been before, so it makes me really wonder if I ever came across this guy.  I do not remember having interactions with him, but there are a lot of things we had in common.

I worked in Iraq in 2005-2007 for DynCorp.  Apparently, Joseph Hunter had worked in Iraq for DynCorp (in a different capacity), then went to work for Triple Canopy.

Joseph Hunter allegedly ran a hitman operation that spanned the globe.  The case he got taken down for was around a murder for hire of a DEA agent and informant in Liberia.  I worked in Liberia for a while in 2008-2010.  It is just interesting how close, yet far I was from said people.

You can see the full story here.

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