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Will Smith Killed - Road Rage, or a Planned Homicide?

New Orleans Saints own Will Smith was allegedly shot and killed by Cardell Hayes after a traffic accident.  Apparently Hayes rear ended the car that Smith was Driving.  Smith's wife was in the car.  She was also shot but was taken to the hospital for treatment.  Smith leaves behind his wife and 3 children.

Thiis has been reported as a "road rage" incident.  However, Hayes has a shady history, and was somehow supposedly workig security for the New Orleans Saints.  How a guy that had plead guilty in 2014 to the illegal carrying of a weapon and drug paraphernalia works security kind of has e baffled.

It is also interesting to note that Hayes had filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the NO PD.  It is interesting that former NOPD commander Billy Ceravolo was named specifically in that suit.  He was also seen together with Smith and Pierre Thomas earlier that same evening.

As of now, the NO PD is saying that Hayes and Smith did not know each other.

It all may be just circumstance, but it is hard to believe it is just circumstance.

Stay Safe!

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