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Some Post Harvey Thoughts

Right after a disaster, the cockroaches come out in droves.  In this case, by cockroaches, I mean scammers, thieves, and all around bad folks.

I will get back to the bad guys in just a minute.  If your home was damaged by Harvey, before you do anything else, take photos of all of the damage you find.  Then, make sure you repair Things like the roof or broken windows and keep the receipt.  This will all come in handy later.

If your vehicle took on water higher than the floorboard, do not try to start it.  You may cause more damage than the flooding did.  Take it (towed) to the same kind of dealership of the make of the car and have them check it out.  Hopefully you were smart enough when you  bought car insurance, that you purchased the highest towing coverage you can (it is the least expensive thing to buy).

Oh, and the stupid crap about having to file your insurance claim before September 1, 2017 is just that.  A bunch of crap.  HB 1774 does not change the insurance claims process. A person making a claim with his/her insurance company after September 1, 2017 will go through the same process as a person making a claim before September 1, 2017.

Back to the roaches, er bad guys.

If any contractor comes to your house to give an estimate - do not pay them anything.  If the contractor says they will "negotiate" with the insurance company, send them on their way.  If someone comes to your house claiming to be an insurance adjuster, that person should have ID, and should know your name and who you have a policy with, and the type of coverage.  If they don't, send them on their way.

If any contractor tries to act like there is some sort of rush to get things done, send them on their way.  FEMA will not be going door to door - anyone who says they are FEMA going door to door is likely a crook.  You have to apply for assistance with FEMA before they send anyone.  Then they will arrange an appointment.

If anyone wants to get any information from you that appears to be a possible contractor or represetative from the government.  Ask for ID.  Take a picture of that ID.  Do this befor speaking with them.

Whatever You do - Stay safe!

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