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Very Odd Parts to the Pipe Bombs Sent Out to Former Democratic Leaders

This whole Pipe-Bomb activity seems suspicious at best.  If someone is doing these acts of terror, they should be arrested immediately and the full force of the law should come down on them.

Why do I say if?  Because all of the envelops shown on the news show packages without the common post office cancelled stamps.  Also, the $3.00 of stamps would not be enough to mail out the metal pipe bombs shown in the photos.  It would not be nearly enough.

Personally, I have never received any package through the US Mail without some sort of Post office markings on them.

Here are 3 of the photos that took me all of 15 minutes of internet search to find them (I am sure there are more):

These are all from screen shots

Even the left leaning New York Times expresses doubt about these packages.

Whatever you do - Stay Safe!

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