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My "Adventure" with Covid19 - Part 2

TThis is how it all started for me. On February 11 or 12th, I am not real sure was when I started to get extremely sick. This was right after the "big freeze" of 2021. I had been working before all the time, and I thought I had been exposed in all my public dealings with Covid19, so I figured I had some immunity. Boy was I wrong.

After a few days of being quite sick, my wife insisted that I go to the hospital. On February 15, I went to the UTMB in Angleton, apparently, they either were not taking new Covid19 patients, or their allotment of Covid19 beds was full. I was transferred to UTMB Clear Lake right away.

The first few days are pretty fuzzy in my mind, as I was really out of it mentally speaking. I believe of the first or 2nd day I was there in the hospital, I got up and took all of the things I was connected to equipment off. I wandered around my hospital room dazed and confused. This was the beginning of a new journey for me. I was so sick, that I had no idea exactly how sick I really was. At the time, I could not think clearly at all. I could not remember what I had done that day, or conversations that I had already had.>p? This was just the beginning of a long and hard recovery, and I really had no idea want awaited me in this process.

More to come later. Stay safe!

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