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Investigations Basics - Part 6

A good memory

The third thing you need to have is a good memory.  Now we all are not gifted with having a good memory.  Frankly, mine is not all that good.  So I learned to compensate.  I record phone calls and interviews that are connected to the case.  I also take notes, just in case.  I am constantly using the reminders and calendar in my phone to keep me on schedule.  Use technology to your advantage and realize that being able to repeat or report on the information you obtain is a key element in the investigation’s success.
I also maintain a database of all my cases and any of my work that has every individual I get information on and from.  This can be very important, not only for your current case, but subsequent cases. It can also prevent you from conflict of interest later on down the road.

Take pictures and video, and don’t be shy about it.  Explain to others that you need to document who you have spoken with in the interview.  There are times where subtlety is needed, so use a spy camera for those occasions.  You don't have the mortgage the farm.  You can buy a key-chain camera online at eBay for around 12 dollars that will work just fine.  Have a good memory, but document everything you can with some type of recording.

Sometimes having a good memory means having a big enough memory card.

Stay safe!

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