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My Adventure with Covid19 - Part 3


Well, I had a long stay the first time I was in the hospital. I checked in on February 15,2021.  I checked out on March 11,2021. Twenty- three days I spent some time in the hospital.  Covid19 had left me very weak.   I would get encouragement when I would see m oxygen levels in my blood increase.

Covid19 gave me a very special gift.  That gift is diabetes. I was not diabetic before I got sick.  Now, I am a diabetic.  This is all new to me. So now I get to pay close attention to what I eat.  I test my blood every morning. I watch my blood sugar levels change from over 300 when I was first in the hospital to a low of 119 before I left the hospital.  That is quite a change,

Speaking of diabetes, they showed me how to give myself shots with a normal syringe. However, when I checked out, they gave me a “pen” to give myself shots that I dial in how much insulin to inject.  This was all new to me and I  had zero training on this.  The good thing is that it is an easy process to learn.

Covid19 gave me another special gift.  I lost significant weight while in the hospital. I lost about 40 pounds.  This ended up being very good for my blood pressure.  At least one good thing came from me getting Covid19.

There is more to come about the stay in the hospital I will work o tat post for next time.

More to come later.  Stay safe!

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