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A Problem Serve

I had one of those "problem" Troopers to serve the other day.  I had a subpoena for him.  I contacted his dispatch two times over a period of three days and left a message, went by his office three times on different days (I left a message there 2 of those times) after about 5 days total, I decided to go to his house.  No one answered, so I left a note on the windshield of his patrol car with my card.

In case you don't know, here in Texas most DPS Troopers don't have a particular "roll call" before going to work.

He calls me 2 days later, so I ask him  if we can make arrangements to meet so I can serve him the subpoena.  He says he needs to talk to the attorney that issued the subpoena first.

A day later he calls the attorney and complains that I was "unprofessional" for going to his house.  He griped at him quite a bit.  This attorney is low key and basically told him he doesn't tell me how to serve subpoenas.

I wait another day, and I call the Trooper back on the number he called me from.  He starts complaining about me calling his personal phone and going by his house.  I explained that I had not heard anything after leaving several messages.  He finally agreed to meet me.

When we met, he acted all nice and said nothing other than "where do I sign?"  As a matter of fact he was very polite and cordial.

I decided to say I was sorry that I had to go by his house, but I did not know if he had gotten any of my messages.

His response:"Oh, I got the messages, but I was off for a few days."

So I ask "so, what would you want me to do in these cases?"  He says "Call the Sergeant." as he turns and walks away offering me no contact information for his Sergeant, nor does he say who (s)he is.

Now how hard would it have been to return a call to me and say "I will be off until next Thursday?" - and supposedly I am the "unprofessional" one.

Whatever you do - stay safe.

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