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The Friday Afternoon Rush

In my business, I find a common factor of Fridays.  I believe it is because attorneys and "legal service" companies want to clean up their pending workload before weeks end.  So, more often than not, there is a Friday rush of papers to be served.

I even usually wait to go do Friday evening serves until after 5pm, to make sure that I will be able to catch all of thos last minute papers.  The problem is, some find ways to even get them to me after that.  Many of the people that I serve for email me th documents to be served.  On company, I went out on Friday and returned after 7pm, and still had no new documents.  When I checked on Saturday, there were 10 new papers to be served.  I was originally planning on a "slow" Saturday, but that had changed my plans.

Yes, I could have waited until Monday to start service, but I really do not like having a lot of pending work myself, but that applies to any day - not just Fridays.

I have learned to expect the rush of papers, but sometimes they still find ways to surprise me.

STay Safe!

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