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My Adventure with Covid19 - Part 4


Well, the twenty-three days I initially was in the hospital was a tough time.  I could not be “visited” by anyone.  The only folks I got to see were the doctors and nurses caring for me.  These were all fine folks.  One nurse that previously had covid19 had no sense of taste or smell.  That is one thing that never happened to me, so I consider myself as blessed.

On March 6,2021 I was finally got out of the ICU.  I was in regular hospital room. Why was this a big deal?  I could finally go to the bathroom on my own.  Also I could get a shower. Those were great milestones for me.  You don’t realize how much you can miss simple things until you are deprived of them.

I will just stop here and say that the food in the hospital was not bad at UTMB Clear Lake. They did have a fondness for serving broccoli at least once per day.  I will admit that having coffee every day turned me into a regular coffee drinker.  There are worse things that could have happened to me.

More to come later.  Stay safe!

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