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My Adventure with Covid19 - Part 6


After the 23 days in the hospital, I felt pretty good and went home. That lasted one whole day. After I was home for the one day, I began to feel horrible.  I found out why. I had developed blood clots in my lungs.  This would be the cause of my 2nd visit to the hospital.

I got put on blood thinners.  I now need to be on O₂ to get enough oxygen when I breathe. (as of the writing of this, I am on 2 liters of O₂ per minute).  This is something new to me.

I also have to take a blood thinner. This is something that means I have to be extra careful so as not to fall, as that can be tragic. I did fall once already, but it was not too bad. Fortunately, this stay at the hospital was only for 4 days.

More to come later.  Stay safe!

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