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My Adventure with Covid19 - Part 8

One more hospital visit (so far). I get cellulitis, which according to the report, is related to  a MRSA infection.  On March 29,2021, I had to go back to the hospital for treatment. They ran an ultrasound on my left leg, as it looked pretty bad.  It was red and swollen and somewhat in pain.

The test results revealed it was a MRSA infection.  I don’t know where I got it from, but all I know is that I wanted to limit my contact with other folks.

Apparently, The treatment they gave me of clindamycin for the infection, and furosemide for the swelling have done the trick.  I am still on both medicines as of this writing. They seem to be just the treatment I needed.  The redness and swelling are both almost completely gone.

I am really hoping this is the last complication I have with covid19. 

I know there is still a long row to hoe for me with covid19. I am hoping and praying for no more complications.

More to come later.  Stay safe!

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