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My Adventure with Covid19 - Part 9


OK, now I go back and look at all that has happened with Covid19.  My story will not be the same as someone else’s. I may have mentioned this before, but on of the strangest things to me is the fact that I never ran a fever.  It is hard to imagine how I could have been so sick with no fever.  The truth is I never had fever.

As of the writing of this, since getting Covid19, last night I got the best sleep. I did get up at least 5 times to go pee. That can be expected with the medicine I have been taking.  However, I went back to sleep right away each time.

Hopefully  I can soon share bout going out in public and/or getting off of oxygen.  This has been an adventure I do not wish upon anyone.

More to come later.  Stay safe!


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